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    Since 1970, Tuffy Tire & Auto Service has been committed to treating our customers with honesty, respect and professionalism.  Our philosophy is to provide quality parts and service at an exceptional value.  We recognize that satisfied customers are the foundation of our business and that our future success is determined by how well we exceed our customer's expectations today!

    That's how we do things at Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Center. That's why only Tuffy offers a 2-year/24,000-mile guarantee on parts and labor you can take to any store. Plus, we offer a courtesy inspection with every Tuffy purchase. It covers tires, brakes, fluids, exhaust system, battery, belts and more. With every purchase, we even give you 24 free months of roadside assistance, too! We call it ToYourRESCUE. Our work will be DONE RIGHT. PERIOD. Or we'll fix it for free. Now, that's what you call Tuffy totally having your back!

    We provide quality auto repair services.

    Our full service tire and auto service centers service all makes and models, foreign and domestic, cars and trucks. Our highly qualified technicians specialize in providing quality auto repair services including: brake repair, fluid service, transmission repair, suspension service, engine service, exhaust repair, oil changes, air conditioning repair, wheel alignments, preventative maintenance and much more.

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    “HONEST—can i say that again? —-> HONEST! raely do you find an auto repair thats honest &saves you $$- these guys did just that more than once-i took my truck tothe rip-off place knarock next to HD &they wanted 538$ to fix what they claimed was a broken tans mount-i had asked for my bad u-joint to be replaced also on the same quote-kanrock wanted 300$++ for the additional service-total bill wd have been over $800-!!! Went to tuffy on miller rd &the master mechanic (jason) asked me: “who told you the trans mount was broken?” he then informed me it wasnt broken but missing 4bolts-he put the bolts in free &i authorized him to replace the ujoint-he did ‘2’ u-joints for around $255! they saved me so much $ i bought them lunch-shortly after this visit my truck was running good &i went in for an oil change-the oil change place did somthing to my truck that made it run rough, missing, running lean-i actually thought my truck jumped the timing belt-so back to tuffy i went to let them tell me what was wrong-the other master mechanic got involved this time &showed me the oil change place had accidently knocked off a vacuum line &he reattached it (FREE) & the truck was good to go! drove away with my truck running great &thinking about how i was ready to drop another 5-800$ to replace the timing belt &WOW i bought them a pizza for lunch again based on how much they saved me-do yourself a favor if your tired of dishonest shystey auto repair-go to tuffy &then you can writeyour own review-&please buy them lunch if they saved you a bundle like they saved me-whatever you do DO NOT go to the ripoff pad your bill kanrock next to HD-they will try &sell you canuder valves or tell you your chrome plated muffler bearing is causing all the trouble! go see don or dan at the front desk at tuffy &let his master mechanics save you $fixing only what needs to ve fixed ¬ bumping/padding the billto their advantage-HONEST GUYS! Is all i can say- -true story bro-”

    Russell C

    Feb 21, 2020 – Flint Twp, MI

    “HONEST! that is the only word i can describe totell people about these guys-if you are looking to have auto repairs done and not get raped by shystey dishonest rip off auto service these are the guys you need to go see-from the first time i went in here they saved me $ because when i went to pay my bill they actually tols me it was less! whatauto repair does that-they will only charge you for what needs to be fixed and they have top notch certified guys like jason&john-thes guys have saved me $on more than one occasion &i bought them lunch the savings was so great-i went to the ripoff place Kanrock/monroe next to HD on corruna &theytried to charge me 358$to replace ONE ujoint-in addition kanrock told me i had a broken trans mount &that wd be an additional 500$ & somthing dollars-i went to tuffy &jason the master mechanic told me the trans mount was missing all the bolts(4) he did it free & then went on to replace BOTH myujoints for $255! i cant stress enough these guys are honest &do an honest days repair-not selling you chrome plated muffler bearings or kanuder valves like kanrock tried to do-i went back to tuffy again when my engine was missing badly &i thought my timing chain jumped & was ready to replace the timing belt for 5-800$ &again john the other master mechanic found i had a vacuum line off & within 15minutes reattached it &i was on my way -FREE again! another lunch earned imo-anyway if you need major or minor auto repair these are the HONEST guys you NEED to go see-ive went thru at least 4-5mechanic shops in the last 2yrs &every one was total rip off charging me for uneccessary repairs , parts, &service-at the end of the day i would NEVER go to any other auto shops around flint except these guys-they have earned my respect &lifelong business shd i ever need any more-please give these guys a shot then you can write your own review of how good they were-&by all means if theyve saved you hundreds even thousands like they saved me please buy them lunch-they deserve it &all the business they get-top notch service, mechanics, &front desk (dave/don) counter help-theyre NOT going to tell you your ‘kanuder valve’ is bad &will cost you $3000 to replace like knarock/monroe ripoff will-stay TF away from kanrock &do yourself a favor & go see the guys at tuffy for fair proffessional complete auto repair-these guys saved my life im a carpenter &theyve kept my truck repairs honest resonable &efficient so i can keep working &pay my bills-tuffy miller rd shd be everyones go-to repair shop in &around flint twp-ALL the other places i have went around the twp raped me on repairs &did shitty work forcing me to seek one after another mechanic shop u til i finally found these guys-stop in there for repairs, oil changes-major/mi or work & you will give your own testimony-i found these guys by reading reviews on the net &i can o ly say that they had stellar reviews from all the write ups &thats what drew me in firstplace &now you get to read my review after they saved me $100s on repairs-buying them lunch from the $$ they saved me was my pleasure &i look forward to doing business with them in the future shd i ever need to-there ya go-thats all i can say-go see for yourself-they have nothing but repeat customers &now im one! ”

    Russelll C

    Feb 17, 2020 – Flint Twp, MI

    “Actually I am not a customer but my 82 year-old mother is. I just want to thank you for taking care of her on more than one occasion with such great care and respect. There are not many businesses like yours anymore and I wanted to take the time to express my gratitude for being so kind to her when she comes in with a car problem. She ends up so happy and thankful that your team is so thoughtful and nice to her and never takes advantage of her when many places would. Thank you again! Your kindness and excellent business practices do not go unnoticed! ”

    Susan F

    Dec 18, 2016 – KAWKAWLIN, MI

    “My son's spring break trip was saved by the amazing service we received at Tuffy on Miller Rd. In the Flint area. My son and I met in Flint for a flight out of Bishop Airport. When we met he mentioned on his way to Flint from Big Rapids where he attends FSU, his car was "chugging"... Not knowing the Flint area, I hit the "around me" button on my cell phone. We luckily ended up at the Tuffy's on Miller Rd, where we had the car coded and found the problem. The service was amazing, they worked the car in to see how bad the issue was (bad!) and then arranged to have me and my son driven to the airport to catch our flight and kept the car for repairs while we were on vacation. They were AWESOME! The car was fixed and waiting for us on our return and is running like a top! Thanks guys! I am so happy we lucked out and ended up at your Tuffy!”

    Toni P

    Mar 15, 2016 – Brimley, MI

    “I went to another shop because my car was over heating. The problem was fived but it reoccurred within 2 weeks. Come to find out my hose had been ripped out. A guy named Brian helped me with everything and got it under control. He told me that because Im a female who knows very little about cars most auto services will try the "okey-doke". He also gave me an discount just because of that. They're awesome!”

    Taliyah S

    Jan 17, 2016 – Flint, MI

    “Tuffy on Miller Rd has excellent customer service and knows how to get the job done. They are honest and I would trust them with any vehicle. Thank you!”

    Sarah H

    Sep 26, 2015 – Flint, MI

    “Tuffy on Miller Rd has excellent customer service and knows how to get the job done. They are honest and I would trust them with any vehicle. Thank you!”

    Sarah H

    Sep 26, 2015 – Flint, MI


    Brad B

    Jul 09, 2015 – CLIO, MI

    “I was buying a new used car and I wanted to have it inspected before I purchased it. I took my car to another location and they told me some parts that needed to be fixed. I went on their website to look up their hours and noticed they had really bad reviews. One of the reviews suggested going to Tuffy. So I researched them and they had really good reviews. I ended taking my car to Tuffy and they were able to repair what needed to be repaired and were very friendly and helpful and took the time to explain what needed to be fixed. I had never been to Tuffy before, but I will continue to go there and will suggest Tuffy to anyone. ”

    Courtney R

    May 01, 2015 – Swartz Creek, MI

    “I am very pleased with the service I received from Bryan. He got my car right in and out before closing time and helped me get credit bc I wouldn't have been able to pay my bill until Friday...I have ffinally found a mechanic I can trust, which is priceless!”

    Monica H

    Apr 25, 2015 – Flint, MI

    “Brian and his staff are very knowledgeable and always provide top notch service. ”

    Roxann Hill

    Apr 25, 2015 – Grand Blanc, MI

    “I was very satisfied with the service I received at Tuffy on Miller Rd. I came in because I felt like my tire was going to come off, one of the techs checked it out and informed me that all I had to do was hit one good pothole and my tire would be off. Definitely not a situation I would like to be in especially with my children in the car. They were able to get everything fixed and all set that very same day. I was able to get my car fixed before going to work. Friendly staff, accurate work, I think this will be my go to auto center. :)”

    Canisha N

    Mar 10, 2015 – Flint, MI

    “Store manager Bryan & mechanic Christopher stayed late to ensure my vehicle was in working order during the coldest day of 2015 (so far). I go to Tuffy Miller Rd because I don't have to worry about taking my Dad or husband to ensure that I don't get taken for a ride. These are honest people doing good work. Thanks guys!”

    Heather M

    Feb 22, 2015 – Flint, MI

    “Had some worn out front-end parts replaced - and rear brakes done on my 11yr-old minivan. The van drives like new now. They explain things clearly here and give you the best options. I will come back here again. ”

    PhilipThe van King

    Feb 17, 2015 – Flint, MI

    “My dealings with this location have always been exceptional. The employees are always friendly and courteous, and look for ways to save me money when possible. I feel that their pricing is fair and that they are honest with me about the condition of my vehicle. ”

    Christopher S

    Feb 17, 2015 – Pagan , MI

    “This place is very awesome. Their crew is very knowledgeable and experienced as well. There were a few times that ive taken my vehicle to a few different shops to be looked over and no one could tell me what the issue was. After bringing it to Tuffy, they were extremely quick and could tell me what the problem was after only a few minutes of inspection. They are pretty decent priced as well. The more in depth work you need, of course the higher the price, but every dime spent with this company is so worth it! ”

    Chaunte P

    Jan 23, 2015 – Flint, MI

    “When my car broke down on I-75 on my way home from Detroit our tow truck driver recommended and took me to Tuffy on Pierson Rd rather than the garage that my road side assistance told me was closest. The men working at the desk and on my car were fantastic to say the least. They were unable to fix my car that day because they were already busy with other vehicles and it was near the end of business hours, however they did a general assessment and gave me a rough idea of what was wrong. They were honest and direct, which is rare these days. Above and beyond their work on my vehicle they directed me to a nice hotel where my children and I could stay the night as well as assisted me with finding transportation to the hotel and back again in the morning. I received a call the next morning with a status report on my vehicle. After repairing the problem that caused me to break down the mechanic checked a few other things to ensure we would make it all the way home safely and without any further trouble. I couldn't have asked for better service. I am very grateful we were taken to Tuffy! I would recommend this shop to anyone and everyone. Thanks!”

    Jenny C

    Aug 12, 2014 – Cheboygan, MI

    “I was on my way to work and my truck threw the belt when a pulley froze, my friend recommended this Tuffy,I didn't even know they fixed problems like this, I was looking for anywhere. I "limped" my truck to this store, long story short the service was excellent and store Manger Bryan Wistuba was a great help. If I have future problems or repairs this is going to be my place.”

    Michael C

    Aug 02, 2014 – Lapeer, MI

    “My hat goes off to Mr. Gilliam, Manager, and the whole team at Tuffy Tire & Auto Service. While on a trip with my family to visit relatives in Michigan, my car overheated on our return trip and stranded us on the highway. AAA provided us a lift to Tuffy's and it was the best part of the whole experience. As soon as we arrived by tow truck, Mr. Gilliam took care of us, from offering his truck if we needed to go anyway to making sure that our car got attention immediately to providing advice about the area. What very well could have been a nightmare of a return home turned into just an inconvenience due to Mr. Gilliam and his team. They were able to quickly diagnose the problem (thermostat and hole in the radiator), obtain the parts, and fix everything all within a couple of hours. Mr. Gilliam maintained constant contract with me, updating me with the problems and solution as my wife and young son ate lunch and walked around. Due to the dedication of Mr. Gilliam and his team, we were able to get back on the road and make it home to Virginia that same day as planned. On top of everything, a discount was applied to our bill as a final gesture of service. I cannot express enough the gratitude I have for this establishment and those that work at it. My only regret is that I do not live in the area to go to them time and time again for all of my car needs. Whether you live in the area or are passing through, I highly encourage you to take advantage of this shop and the high quality people that run it.”

    Shaun B

    Nov 17, 2013 – Centreville, VA

    “When I was trying to purchase a used car I took it into this Tuffy Auto Center to have it evaluated. I received such great service I decided to start going there for oil changes on our three vehicles. Am so impressed with the HONESTY and caring about the customer. Clean, wholesome atmosphere.”

    Marion J

    Oct 22, 2013 – Merrow, MI

    “The manager moved Heaven and Earth to repair my vehicle in a timely manner.”

    Margaret W

    Sep 09, 2013 – Flint, MI

    “I had a new muffler inst. on my 1988 Chevy Celebrity Eurosport in 1998, and it lasted all the way to 2012. Good value and good preice. John Severance.”

    john s

    Aug 22, 2013 – flint, MI

    “I was in the store with my family in December just before Christmas for brake work. Your teck Don Anderson was very friendly and treated us with respect. Also did only what was needed and enjoyed his pleasant smile. He was a very nice young man and will use the shop again next time were in the lovely area of Fling Michigan.”

    Tim S

    Jan 15, 2013 – Indian Rocks Beach, FL

    “I recently had my car fixed at Tuffy. No one else was able to find out my problem but they fixed it in no time. The price was great too.”

    Arnie L

    Dec 13, 2012 – Grand Blanc, MI

    “Love the service, Price and Staff on Miller Rd. Great Work... All my car repairs are yours!”

    Ned S

    Dec 13, 2012 – Byron, MI

    “I have been taking my car to Tuffy for years. I won't go anywhere else!! They are the most honest and fair mechanics around! They're prices are great too and they fix my car in no time!”

    Susan U

    Dec 13, 2012 – Flint, MI

    “Tuffy's on Miller Rd. in Flint, MI has been more than helpful and cooperative. They have good friendly service and the team there is a group of honest people. I've brought my car here a couple times and they've fixed every problem I've ever had. I would recommend any and everybody that I know to this Tuffy's.”

    Jenny E

    Dec 13, 2012 – Swartz Creek, MI

    “Great place to take your car for repairs! Excellent repair jobs and friendly service!”

    Jerry J

    Dec 13, 2012 – Flushing, MI

    “Great staff and great service! Fair and honest. Took my son's car in thinking the alternator was bad. Turns out the problem was a bad battery, not the alternator. They could have easily gone ahead and replaced the alternator and battery and I probably would never have figured out that I'd been scammed. However, they were honest and told me the truth. I ended up spending much less than I thought I would. This has happened more than once over the years I've gone there. This is why I keep coming back to these guys!”

    Bill T

    Dec 13, 2012 – Flint, MI

    “Don't fret taking your car here! Most of the time they fit me in for a diagnosis in less than 30 minutes. Labor price is on par with most shops around. Friendly staff and the more you get to know them the friendlier they become on future visits. Work has always been satisfactory. A few times they have gone above and beyond what I was expecting!”

    Rom T

    Dec 13, 2012 – Swartz Creek, MI

    “Honest & Helpful! We were getting ready to leave on a long trip with my wife's truck and I needed a transmission flush...Tuffly was LESS than an hour from closing (the service takes about an hour)...I asked if it was still possible to get it done...not only did Mickey & Henry tell me they could do it...but they took the time to help me understand the process and showed me how dirty the trans fluid was. I'm not a "car guy"...but it was really cool, how they broke it down for me. They NEVER tried to take advantage of me...or sell me something I didn't need! I live quite a ways away from Flint, but because of the HONESTY & GREAT SERVICE of these guys, I will be back! I would highly recommend Tuffy on Miller Road! Thanks guys!!”

    James C

    Dec 13, 2012 – Howell, MI

    “My truck was whipped & desperately needed new shocks. I asked Tuffy to check the undercarriage for rust and to let me know if they found anything that needed attention. I needed a power steering flush but was assured I did not need all the other hoses, fuel injector, etc that another garage had insisted were in desperate need of replacement (2-3 yrs ago). They were so nice and completed the work in a few short hours. I feel safe driving my truck now- something I haven't felt in a long time. They also fixed my AC that stopped blowing cold air without an additional charge. I am glad I have a reliable, trustworthy place to care for my truck. My Dad will be happy that I found a place that I don't need to drag him along to in order to get the best service. Thank you, Tuffy!”

    Heather M

    Dec 13, 2012 – Flint, MI

    “Alway a pleasure to work with Mickey....In a world where you don't know who you can really trust.....he and the staff have earned my trust & confidence....”

    Donald D

    May 30, 2012 – Swartz Creek, MI

    “Thanks so much for your honest work on my truck. I am pleased to have a shop in the area I can trust. Thanks Tuffy”

    daniel j

    Jan 25, 2012 – Fowlerville, MI

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